WAMP upgrade with new php version

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WAMP upgrade with new php version werd gestart door nubro01
Check with which version of Microsoft c++ this new version is compiled and download and install these c++ runtime dll's, not sure if you need x86 too if running x64 only, I only installed the x64 version.
Create new folder within \Wamp\Bin\Php and extract new php version into this folder.
Copy the following files from your old PHP directory to your new PHP directory.
Adjust \Wamp\Scripts\config.inc.php and include within the $phpDllToCopy array variable all new icu*.dll's which reside in this versions php root folder.
Adjust within php.ini and phpForApache.ini the "extension_dir =" setting to the new versions \ext\ folder and any other settings as directed in the documentation on the web.
Start wamp and use icon/PHP/Version to switch too new version and restart all services and voila.

With Php 7.0, i found within the Phperror.log that php_intl.dll and php_curl dll where not found, although they where present within the root and \ext\ folder of the new php.
Copieen the icu*.dll's and \ext\php_curl.dll to the Apache\bin folder resolved everything,

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